Rethink your daily ritual.

Introducing the first highly-functional, INSTANT adaptogen super lattes.

"I’m obsessed with turmeric and golden milk lattes but most of the bottled ones and those at cafes have too many calories and a ton of sugar. I absolutely love Kroma’s Ultimate Vitality turmeric latte that even has reishi mushrooms in it. It’s far better tasting then any I have had at a cafe, it’s so good for me and all I have to do is hot water. And it’s low calorie and low sugar. Genius."

- Kathryn Mitchem

"Whether I’m starting my day or need that 2-4 pick-me-up, my favorite is Spicy Passion! It tasted like a decadent spicy hot chocolate and although there’s mushrooms and other ingredients that usually taste funky, I couldn’t taste them. It’s delicious and I can feel instantly how good it makes me feel. It even gives me a natural kick of energy without the caffeine. Total rejuvenation in one cup!"

- Kathy Kaplanderis

"Everyday I look forward to my skinny detox matcha.   I am obsessed with it!   It gives me a clean, sustained energy that empowers me before, during and after my workouts!!! The bonus is that it’s absolutely delicious!!! Can’t get enough"

- Kristin Hahn

Things are about to get hot.

Our hottest blend yet...Spicy Passion: Mushroom Maca Latte.

Meet the Skinny Latte

As the saying goes, you can never have too matcha of a good thing.

Feel like you're ten again.

Our Tumeric Golden Latte does it all…except the laundry.